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Evolving Сode. Evolving Career.

The beginning of a career at GeeksForLess

Oleksandr, you’ve been with GeeksForLess for over a decade. Can you tell us how you started and evolved within the company?

Oleksandr Lysenko: Absolutely. I joined GeeksForLess right after university, initially working with HTML layouts, as there was a demand for someone skilled in HTML and CSS back in 2012. I spent a considerable amount of time in that role and also had the opportunity to teach these skills in the classes offered by the company.

That sounds like an interesting start. What prompted you to shift your focus to front-end development?

Oleksandr Lysenko: I was eager for a change and communicated this to my manager. I wanted to explore front-end development more deeply, and GeeksForLess supported me by providing projects with clients where I could immediately apply my new skills. The company is incredibly supportive when it comes to seeking new challenges or changing something about your work.

What does your current role entail, and what project are you working on?

Oleksandr Lysenko: Today, I am a front-end developer mainly working with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. I’m part of a substantial team of over ten people, and I have been contributing to this particular project since 2021.

It has been some time that you have been working at GeeksForLess. Can you share any interesting experiences with clients or challenges you’ve faced?

Oleksandr Lysenko: Certainly. There was a memorable instance when I began working with a client who operated an online shop using Vue3. My background was in jQuery and React, so I had to learn Vue3 quickly to contribute effectively to the project. Another time, I coordinated the efforts of four other engineers to deliver a website swiftly. It was a new experience for me back then, but we were satisfied with the results, as was the client.

Chellanges and advices

Together with the challenges comes learning. Have you encountered situations where rapid learning was necessary?

Oleksandr Lysenko: Yes, there was an occasion when we received a website with poor documentation from other developers. It was almost like solving a detective novel, having to connect the dots to make it function properly. And we did make it work in the end!

What advice would you offer to future potential coworkers or those who aspire to become front-end developers?

Oleksandr Lysenko: I’d say keep an eye on new technologies like Angular, React, and Vue. These are fundamental in our field.

How does GeeksForLess ensure its employees are up-to-date with these new technologies?

Oleksandr Lysenko: The company organizes meetups where individuals share their experiences learning new technologies. Additionally, GeeksForLess supports participation in events and conferences, which helps us not only learn but also apply new technologies in practice.

It’s been enlightening to hear about your journey at GeeksForLess. Your progression from an HTML layout engineer to a front-end developer and educator within the company is inspiring. The adaptability and support of GeeksForLess seem to have played a significant role in your professional development.

Oleksandr Lysenko: Indeed, the company’s culture of nurturing growth and embracing change has been pivotal for me. It’s allowed me not just to evolve technically, but also to help others along their path.

Conclusions from many years of work with the company GLF

Any final thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

Oleksandr Lysenko: Just that in this ever-evolving field of technology, staying curious, being willing to learn, and having a supportive team are the keys to growth and success. I’m grateful for the opportunities GeeksForLess has provided me, and I look forward to what the future holds.

Thank you, Oleksandr, for sharing your experiences and insights with us. Your advice is sure to resonate with many in our audience, and we wish you continued success in your role at GeeksForLess.

GFL Expert Professional Employee at GeeksForLess Inc.

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