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Crafting Mobile Excellence: Conversation with Senior Architect

Unlocking Insights into Mobile Development: Perspectives

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Olexii Maxymenko, the Senior Mobile Architect at GeeksForLess. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, Olexii shared some fascinating insights about the company’s approach to mobile development, their unique methods of finding solutions for clients and their iOS projects, and how they maintain a high level of professionalism and commitment in a remote work environment. Read on to learn about the future of mobile development, the importance of trust in remote work, and how GeeksForLess is adapting to the demands of new technologies.

With your extensive experience of over 15 years at GeeksForLess, can you share some insights into your current role and responsibilities in mobile development?

Olexii Maxymenko: Certainly! I’m currently overseeing a range of projects, writing software, and managing new initiatives. My role involves conducting risk analyses and ensuring a transparent prototyping process, ultimately providing clear and detailed evaluations for our clients.

GeeksForLess are known for their collaborative approach. How do you ensure seamless collaboration between the clients and developers, especially in mobile development?

Olexii Maxymenko: We focus on offering full mobile solutions covering Android and iOS, aligning with the market demands. Depending on the client’s needs, we offer both native and cross-platform development using technologies like React Native and Ionic. We always aim to choose the option that solves the client’s problem most efficiently.

Non-Standard Solutions and Skill Maintenance at GeeksForLess

It’s interesting to hear about non-standard solutions. Can you delve into an instance where such a solution significantly saved development time?

Olexii Maxymenko: Absolutely! We had a large Android project developed in Java that had taken over a year. We implemented non-standard solutions to launch Java on iOS, which reduced the development time to around 6 weeks, allowing a quicker market entry for the client’s product.

On the one hand, we use the decisions we like in terms of UI because writing iOS in Java is difficult. On the other hand, we use special Java engines when it comes to business logic.

Could you share more about a recent project where you converted an Android app to iOS, focusing on the challenges and solutions involved?

Olexii Maxymenko: The project involved creating an iOS library from extensive Java code (around 60 modules). We explored various options and leveraged our expertise in non-standard solutions to ensure a smooth transition, keeping the UI and business logic intact.

How does GeeksForLess maintain the skills and knowledge of its team, especially with you working with senior-level professionals?

Olexii Maxymenko: We used to have regular check-ups and mentoring. However, now I work with independent senior-level professionals who have the freedom to bring their expertise to the table. Our approach is based on open communication, ensuring everyone is up-to-date and aligned with the company’s goals.

Building Trust and Adaptability

What sets GeeksForLess apart from other companies in terms of trust, motivation, and adaptability, especially since the shift to remote work?

Olexii Maxymenko: Our high level of trust and motivation truly differentiate us. The transition to remote work only reinforced our belief in our dedicated, professional, and attentive team. Everyone remained committed to delivering high-quality results, showcasing our adaptability.

How well is GeeksForLess positioned to work with emerging technologies such as VR or AI, should a client have a specific need?

Olexii Maxymenko: We are well-equipped with specialists in emerging technologies like VR and AI, ready to step in and meet any specific client needs, ensuring we stay ahead of the technological curve.

Navigating Future Trends: GeeksForLess’ Approach to Mobile Development

Can you shed some light on the trends for the near future, particularly in the market, and how GeeksForLess is positioning its competence in these areas?

Olexii Maxymenko: Certainly! The prevailing trend is the adoption of the most profitable technology, enabling the production of high-quality products in a short time frame. A significant emphasis is on combining various technologies to achieve optimal results. For instance, integrating React with React Native, or amalgamating Ionic, React, and Java, are exemplary approaches tailored for specific projects. At GeeksForLess, we are adeptly aligning our competencies to harness these combinations and stay ahead in the evolving market landscape.

Lastly, could you give us a glimpse into the future plans for the mobile development team at GeeksForLess?

Olexii Maxymenko: Our plans are clear—continue progressing with projects and delivering high-quality results. While the specifics of each project may vary, our flexibility and commitment to finding solutions ensure we meet our clients’ needs effectively.

Andrew Buldyzhov Project Manager at GeeksForLess Inc.

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