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Augmented Reality Services

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At GeeksForLess, we specialize in creating immersive, interactive experiences that bring your ideas to life. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of highly skilled developers, we craft customized augmented reality services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re in retail, real estate, education, or any other industry, our AR solutions can transform your business operations, providing engaging and memorable experiences for your customers. Let us propel your business into the future with the power of augmented reality.

To take your AR experiences to the next level, we also offer combined AI and AR solutions. By incorporating artificial intelligence into our augmented reality mobile app development process, we can create more realistic and personalized experiences for your customers. This includes features such as real-time object recognition, voice activation, and predictive analytics. Extended reality combined with artificial intelligence will be a great solution for your business.

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Industry-Specific AR Solutions


• Retail: Enhance the shopping experience and drive sales with our AR solutions that allow customers to virtually try on products before making a purchase.

• Real Estate: Transform the way properties are viewed and sold by incorporating AR technology into property tours and visualizations.

• Education: Engage students and improve learning outcomes with our AR-based educational tools that make learning more interactive and immersive.

• Manufacturing: Enhance assembly and quality control procedures with AR-guided workflows, facilitating a reduction in errors and an increase in production efficiency.

• Tourism: Let tourists explore destinations in a more immersive way before they even step foot on the site. Our augmented reality apps development solutions can provide virtual tours, historical insights, and more.

• Entertainment: Amplify the user experience in gaming, movies, and events with AR elements that add an extra layer of engagement and fun.

• Marketing and Advertising: Create highly engaging advertisements thanks to a skilled AR app development company, allowing consumers to interact with your brand in a unique and memorable way, leading to increased brand recall and customer loyalty.

• Logistics: Optimize warehouse management and improve logistical efficiency with AR technologies that offer real-time tracking and spatial organization.

• Automotive: Let customers experience a virtual test drive or explore advanced features and customizations through AR platforms before they make a purchase decision.

augmented reality development company

Augmented Reality Services Benefits


With the rise of technology and changing consumer preferences, businesses need to constantly adapt in order to stay relevant. Augmented reality is a powerful tool that can help your business stand out from the competition and elevate your brand image. Here are just some of the ways our AR solutions can benefit your business:

✔ Enhanced Customer Engagement: With our augmented reality development services, you can create dynamic and interactive experiences that captivate your customers. By allowing them to interact with your products or services in a virtual environment, you can create a more memorable and engaging experience that will keep them coming back for more.

✔ Improved Sales: AR technology by a skilled AR app development company allows customers to visualize products in their own space before making a purchase. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also leads to higher sales and decreased return rates.

✔ Increased Brand Awareness: By incorporating AR into your marketing and advertising efforts, you can create a buzz around your brand and stand out from the competition. AR experiences are highly shareable on social media platforms, providing free exposure for your business.

✔ Streamlined Business Operations: With our augmented reality app development solutions, we can help streamline your business operations by creating virtual training programs or visualizing complex processes. This can save time and resources while improving overall efficiency.

Types of AR Development Services


As an augmented reality app development company, we offer a wide range of AR development services to cater to your specific needs. Some of our services include:

• Customized AR Apps: A skilled create customized AR apps for iOS and Android devices that provide engaging and interactive experiences for your customers.

• Markerless/Marker-based AR: Whether you want to incorporate virtual objects into the real world or overlay digital content on existing markers, we can develop AR solutions that fit your needs.

• AR for E-commerce: Enhance the online shopping experience with our augmented reality app development services, allowing customers to visualize products and try them out before making a purchase.

• Virtual Training Programs: We can create virtual training programs that utilize AR technology to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for your employees.

Our AR Tech Stack


At GeeksForLess, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most advanced and innovative technology in our augmented reality application development process. Our tech stack includes:

Unity AR / Unity3D

This cross-platform game engine is our go-to tool for creating immersive AR experiences. Its flexibility and powerful features make it ideal for developing high-quality AR applications.

ARCore and ARKit

As Google and Apple’s AR platforms, respectively, these tools let us develop AR experiences for both Android and iOS devices. They allow for environment recognition and interaction, enabling users to seamlessly blend digital objects with the real world.


This AR software is renowned for its robustness and versatility. It excels in image recognition and tracking, making it an essential tool in our AR app development pipeline.

Unreal Engine

Known for its stunning graphics capabilities, we use this tool when the project requires hyper-realistic visuals.

Blender and Maya

These 3D computer graphics tools aid in creating 3D models and animations that are essential for AR experiences.

By aligning our AR VR app development with these cutting-edge technologies, we can create unparalleled and interactive experiences tailored to your specific needs.

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