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Driven by Passion: Journey from Novice to Team Lead at GFL

Passion-Driven Journey: From Enthusiast to Leader

Passion is the fuel that drives innovation and success. Today, we sit down with Vladyslav Fomin, whose career at GeeksForLess is a testament to where enthusiasm for one’s interests, coupled with the right opportunities, can lead. From his early days as a student to becoming a Team Lead, Vladyslav’s story is one of growth, learning, and a deep-rooted love for cars and coding.

Today we’re speaking with Vladyslav Fomin, a developer and Team Lead at GeeksForLess. Vladyslav, can you share your journey with us and how you started with GeeksForLess?

Vladyslav: Absolutely. My journey began while I was a novice in the field, juggling my first job and studies at Kyiv Polytechnical University. Eager for more challenging work, I stumbled upon a role at GeeksForLess through an HR offer. The role revolved around my childhood passion for cars, car dealers, and their data and statis. It was an ideal fit – my tech stack and experience aligned perfectly with their requirements. I secured the offer immediately post-interview, marking the beginning of a dream job.

Innovation and Collaboration in Action

That sounds like a great match. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Vladyslav: Interestingly, I haven’t encountered many complications here because I believe challenges stem from a lack of understanding. Whenever I faced an issue, I sought to understand it fully, which effectively made the problem vanish. The real test came with transitioning to a Team Lead. It was about striking a balance between fostering a friendly rapport and commanding respect from colleagues – leading rather than ruling.

Leadership is indeed a significant transition. Have there been any particularly interesting cases you’ve worked on?

Vladyslav: Definitely. Right from my early days, I was thrust into action. I recall ending 2021 with a project riddled with 5 to 6 production bugs daily. The product lacked structure, which propelled me to take more initiative. Today, thanks to our collective efforts, it’s one of the smoothest-running projects we have.

Nurturing Environment and Professional Growth

That’s quite an accomplishment. Speaking of work, what technologies are you currently working with, and how does GeeksForLess support your development?

Vladyslav: We’re always on the cutting edge, utilizing cloud technologies like Azure and the latest .Net frameworks. Our product owner is very open to innovation, which allows us to modernize our technology stack continually. Moreover, GeeksForLess is very supportive of professional growth, encouraging participation in seminars and conferences, like the recent .Net conference I attended.

It sounds like GeeksForLess is a nurturing environment. What advice would you give to future colleagues or those looking to enter the field of development?

Vladyslav: My advice is to take initiative. At GeeksForLess, we value proactive individuals. We run .Net internships and often hire top graduates, integrating them into our projects. My colleagues and I invest in teaching these newcomers, who then demonstrate remarkable progress. Remember, a team isn’t just a group of people; it’s a network of individuals you can count on.

For those aspiring to carve their own paths in the tech industry, Vladyslav’s experience is a beacon, illuminating the possibilities that await when you drive your own growth with determination and a team-oriented mindset. As we conclude our inspiring conversations, with this interview we are reminded that the road to success is paved with the milestones of personal development and the milestones yet to come.

GFL Expert Professional Employee at GeeksForLess Inc.

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