DevOps Case Studies

devops case studies
  • IndustryWeb and e-mail hosting
  • SolutionE-mail platform build automation
  • CompanyCanadian white-label hosting, e-mail, and SaaS provider
  • Tools & platformsDocker, VMware, CentOS, GIT, SVN, Jenkins

DevOps Case Study

E-mail platform operations team needs consistent, secure, and efficient process to deploy the up-todate OS instances with the new application code to the production environment.

devops case study

we made

  • PROCESS REENGINEERING: The legacy process has been thoroughly analyzed and documented. The inefficiencies and time consuming manual parts of the process have been identified. Based on the gathered information the requirements for improvements have been formulated.
  • SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE: GeeksForLess Systems Architect based on e-mail platform load, network throughput, budget requirements, and functional requirements has benchmarked the software components and designed the automation solution to support the re-engineered process.
  • CODEBASE MIGRATION: Git was introduced to the organization to replace SVN. This has allowed creating branches, merging and managing the various versions more effectively. The codebase has been migrated to Git.
  • CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION/CONTINUOUS DEPLOYMENT: With the help of Jenkins and Git integration, the deployment of the new code has been automated
  • CONTAINERIZATION: Packaging applications in Docker containers have allowed standardizing the OS builds across clusters’ development environments by making the applications packages uniform and portable. Additionally, it has increased hardware resources density which in turn led to decreasing the development costs.

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