Experience required

Mobile development - 3 years, Android - 3 years, IOS Development - 3 years, Cloud services - 3 years


Software Development

Project description

The candidate should be good at working with minimal direction and be able to take on tasks and offer suggestions or improvements to designs. The candidate should be highly productive in a remote working environment and have technology sufficient to support virtual team meetings on Google Meet, and the necessary development tools to create this prototype. This assignment will be the prototype build that will be enhanced in later iterations. The goal of this task is to assemble enough of the working components to prove the design and then will be iterated on. Below are the basic features and skills that will be required in the prototype phase:




  • Create a mobile app (for IOS and Android users) that allows tasks with instructions to be sent to users, and to support completing the tasks and sending information to a service.
  • The mobile app will allow for users to be assigned tasks including:
    • Record a short video (following a script) and upload it.
    • Take a photo (following instructions) and upload it.
    • Record some audio (following a script) and upload it.
  • The users of this mobile app will be contributing video and audio snippets that once completed and uploaded will be combined on the server into larger montages.
  • User assignments might be one-off requests or they may be assigned a repeating task with an input list.
  • Along with the instructions may be other required


Mobile App development experience is a must. This role requires the buildout of a Mobile App that will be able to provide the following functionality

Mobile app development cross-platform experience is a must. 

Knowledge of cloud services is a must.

Data experience with audio & video is a must.

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