Experience required

Chrome Extension 3+ years


Software Development

Project description

Candidate should be good at working with minimal direction and be able to take on tasks and offer suggestions or improvements to designs. Candidate should be highly productive in a remote working environment and have technology sufficient to support virtual team meetings on Google Meet, and necessary development tools to create this prototype. This assignment will be the prototype build that will be enhanced in later iterations. The goal of this task is to assemble enough of the working components to prove the design and then will be iterated on.


  • Create small (2” x 4”) popup window within the current web page that can be moved by the user, and which includes some simple user-provided information capture features within it (type into one example field, click one example button), storing to a local browser data store such as indexedDB.
  • The popup should also display overlay information such as rectangles on a web page that the user travels to. For example google.com, or homedepot.com or any web site the user navigates to.
  • Rectangles coordinates will be read from a local browser data store.
  • Popup will be resident on the web page until the user closes the extension.
  • Popup will allow user to draw new rectangles over areas of interest on the web page and the coordinates will be captured and stored to the local data store.
  • Popup will allow for additional attributes about the drawn rectangle such as description or comments. These will be stored along with the coordinates of the rectangles for that web page.


Chrome Extension experience is a must

JavaScript experience is a must

Knowledge of Chrome Store is nice to have

Knowledge of JavaScript obfuscation is nice to have

Apply via site