Service Desk

GeeksForLess provides different methods to approach our Technical Support team, all of them you may find below. Our main goal is to deliver high levels of Technical and Customer Service along with an excellent quality and response time.

We provide support in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • 365x24x7 coverage to ensure maximum uptime of the system and high response time for the end-users
  • Shifts designed to optimize the communication with customers
  • Real time resources availability via VoIP, video conferencing, e-mail and instant messaging
  • Clear division structure
  • Training center for initial and ongoing training of dedicated employees
  • Performance reports on a regular basis about every employee, as well as overall department reports
  • Dedicated environment. Separate office for the division
  • Business continuity ensured by operations in multiple locations
E-mail and Live Chat Support
Providing the Technical Support via e-mail and live chat along with high level of Technical and Customer Service, excellent quality and response time. Determining the customer’s issues and providing an immediate resolution or escalating it to technology organization through the trouble ticket submission.
Trouble Tickets
If a customer’s issue needs to be escalated due to a server-side defect or application bug a trouble ticket is submitted. In such case issue falls under the investigation of our Tier 3 Support team. After fixing the case, ticket is tested once again and customer is contacted with the resolution. 24/7 coverage allows to provide fast ticket turnaround time.
Tier 2 Support
Geeksforless encourages the career development of our employees and gives an opportunity to all the agents with the sufficient level of knowledge and experience to reach the Tier 2 level. Passing the so called Tier 2 test confirms that. After the promotion, agents obtain elevated access to more complex system tools which helps to assist customers even better. Our company maintains competitive environment within the functional teams in order to identify the top talent on their early steps in the company and provide them with clear career path and opportunities in technology or in business administration field.
Training Center
Dedicated training environment including well-equipped room, highly-skilled trainers and custom designed courses facilitates effective in-house training for employees. After the successful completion of several internal exams based on the training materials, individuals are employed by GeeksForLess. Furthermore, ongoing training based on Quality Assurance results allows to eliminate gaps in agents’ knowledge on a regular basis, stimulate their personal growth within the company and ensure top quality of our services.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance process ensures the quality is excellent by letting a specific agent know if he needs to improve anything and provide reports about ongoing trainings to be conducted. There is an in-house application where Quality Assurance results are logged. Supervisors use it to log coaching opportunities and coach agents. Agents receive automatic notifications via an e-mail when a record is added and see areas which require improvement then.
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