Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Department is a part of large, customer-integrated software engineering and production system. Our main goal is to ensure the end client is supplied with a high quality software product. Our exceptional experience in the industry leading applications testing includes but is not limited to:

  • Hosting c-panels
  • Webmail interfaces
  • Mailing protocols
  • iOS/Android applications
  • Web-based applications
  • Platforms
  • Servlets
  • User interfaces
  • Backed API calls
  • Post-migration verification
  • Integration verification

Highly trained QA specialists, well structured testing procedures and guidelines ensure fast, reliable and valid test results. End-to-end inspection of the development process, constant improvement of the application itself and the production process in general results in the outstanding quality product. Today’s software market makes great demands for software quality and reliability; end product and development process QA becomes necessity.

Builds Testing
Continuous tests of application updates improving its functionality, graphic interface and performance to meet clients’ needs.
Global System Tests
Large scale system inspection, in order to ensure that each component works as expected. Includes hardware, software and work process metrics.
Intuitive Testing
Used in parallel with system testing, it helps to make final improvements to user-friendliness of any application.
Automated testing
Involving automated testing software gives ability to decrease timing of test performance and allows to oversee results in cross-platform and cross-browser mode.
Load Testing
A load test is conducted to understand the behaviour of the system under the specific, expected load. This load can be the expected concurrent number of users on the application performing a specific number of transactions within the set duration. This test will give out the response times of all the important business critical transactions.
Bug Tracking
Bugs ticketing system designed to formalize the communication between developers and testers. All customer’s feedbacks, tech-support tickets and test results identified as bug are documented in the bug tracking tool.
Software Analysis
Each technology or application which is in use or under development, is deeply investigated. It allows us to be in touch with the customers’ feedbacks, experts’ opinion and advantages of market-leading technologies in order to build a stable and user-friendly software.
Custom Software QA
Flexible structure of QA process allows to transform it in the way to fit any type of application starting from desktop software to web-based, cross-platform and mobile devices applications.
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