Information Security

GeeksForLess helps organizations with deploying, managing and operating the Security Information Event Management solutions, that accumulate data from a multitude of information systems. In addition to SIEM we implement and support services and processes covering Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Database Monitoring Systems, Vulnerability Management Systems and other Security systems and applications. We provide:

  • Structured, consistent, and measurable overview and reporting on organization’s security posture;
  • 24×7 real time security monitoring and escalation;
  • Rapid emergency response and security incidents investigation;
  • Ongoing improvement of the security incidents detection;
  • Proactive cyber threats identification and cyber risks mitigation;
  • Ongoing penetration testing;
  • Security expertise acquisition and retention;
  • Security operations costs optimization.
Security Operation Center
GeeksForLess Security Operations Center (SOC) is an organized and highly skilled team whose mission is to monitor 24x7x365 and improve an organizations’ security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber security incidents with the aid of both technology and well-defined processes and procedures.
Penetration Testing
External penetration tests are performed by an independent security group within GeeksForLess who are unbiased and has no conflict of interest as opposed to customers’ own staff. The following activities are in scope:

  • Intel gathering from public sources;
  • Social engineering;
  • Reconnaissance and probing;
  • Vulnerability scanning and analysis;
  • Vulnerability exploit;
  • Presentation of the findings, executive report, technical report with remediation recommendations.

GeeksForLess utilizes public exploits and techniques as well as our custom algorithms and software to perform penetration testing.

PCI Approved Scanning Vendor
We offer ASV scanning and vulnerability scanning. To assist the organization in getting PCI certified, our PCI ASV experts will perform external vulnerability scans on customers’ components in accordance with PCI DSS Requirement After the scanning process is done, an explicit ASV Scan Report will be prepared with the details of the customers’ components whether they comply with the standard. We offer full support for our customers on the stages of preparation, audit and after PCI ASV Scan.

GeeksForLess is PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV), accredited by PCI Security Standards Council.

CERTIFICATE NUMBER ( 509516-01-01)

End-to-end Security Processes Management
For over a decade GeeksForLess has been serving customers in various industries including Financial Services, Information Security, and Healthcare. We bring excellent understanding of the various regulatory, international standards, and best practices requirements to security controls and security processes and possess extensive knowledge implementing and running them as well as deploying and tuning the respective Security Tools.
Security Tools Management and Support
GeeksForLess consultants are experienced in implementing and supporting all of the industry leading security tools covering the following security functions and processes: SIEM, Intrusion Prevention, Email Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Database Monitoring, Endpoint Protection, Vulnerability Management, Firewalls, DDoS protection, Load Balancing, Behavior Analytics, and more. We maintain the Security systems and perform:

  • Availability, uptime, incidents troubleshooting;
  • Configuration change requests;
  • Patching and upgrades;
  • Signatures updates;
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting;
  • New systems provisioning.
Incident Response
GeeksForLess Cyber Incident Response Team consists of the experienced security professionals with broad knowledge in tools, concepts, and underlying technology. Level 3 Senior Security staff are dedicated to the customers full time and are experienced in industry specific infrastructure and processes. GeeksForLess employs hundreds of IT professionals and for complex and/or urgent cases investigation we are able to leverage a large resources pool with extensive common experience and knowledge.
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