Why GeeksForLess

GeeksForLess can be an excellent solution for the majority of companies, especially in the IT industry. There are several reasons why GeeksForLess can be extremely effective for your business. Human Resource challenges and costs in IT are limitations to business growth. Hiring, training, motivating and managing qualified application developers is a serious challenge to the North American and European IT companies. It is ever more expensive and challenging to find, maintain and retain qualified people.

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Every company has its core competencies and activities which constitute a competitive advantage for the business. Outsourcing of non-core personnel gives you an opportunity to concentrate on main activity – business growth, expanding customer base, researching the market and developing new products.

Worldwide, as the demand for IT staff has continued to grow faster than the available supply of qualified specialists, companies have been looking for new sources of labour to fill the gap. As the problem has become even more pressing in the past few years, Ukraine has stepped onto the world stage as a source of highly skilled, low cost IT professionals with an old-fashioned work ethics.

GeeksForLess addresses this business challenge, providing IT outsourcing advantage to North American and European software companies. There are several reasons why our company can be extremely effective for your business. Our core benefits are: location of our Ukraine operations, strong customer focus, exceptional knowledge base and expertise in various branches of technology (technical areas). Among others are:

  • European culture and mentality of the employees
  • Solid educational and scientific base of Mykolaiv city
  • Excellent IT infrastructure
  • Company-owned secure modern facilities
  • Good brand identification among local IT talents
  • Successful cooperation with state, educational and financial institutions
  • Time difference allows live communication with North America and Western Europe


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